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About Operation Progress...

Operation Progress is a Non-Profit organization started by Boston resident Richard Coughlin and his son officer John Coughlin, a Southeast Division Los Angeles Police officer who fights gang crime in South Los Angeles, specifically in the community of Watts. They were deeply moved and motivated by young students who worked hard to keep up their grades and stay out of gangs to protect their future. The only thing holding many of these kids back from post high school educations was their lack of financial opportunity.

Operation Progress also known as "OP" was started in order to raise money for underprivileged youth in poor areas of the city of Los Angeles but Richard and John wanted to make an impact in their home city of Boston as well.

OP has a firm belief that while financial assistance must be there for students, it is mentoring and creating a support system for our students that is most important to their success.

In 2012, Operation Progress officially created two separate organizations, OP Los Angeles and OP Boston, to allow them to focus on the best path to success for the students in each city.

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