Debra O'Hearn


Debra could not help but support John Coughlin in his efforts because he is so sincere and so committed to this cause. When her mother had to leave work for Cancer treatments she took it upon herself to write everyone, including Oprah and Bill Cosby to help publicize Operation Progress. Her mother's enthusiasm was contagious. Debra began to help her, especially later on when it became difficult for her mother to keep the pace of her tremendous support up.

Debra volunteered in the schools in her community for many years and saw many kids suffer from circumstances at home. Sometimes it amazed her how resilient they could be. Whether it be a divorce, Alcoholism, drug abuse, job loss or physical abuse many did survive and move ahead with their lives, but many more did not. Their burdens were many and unfortunately they had to grow up quickly. The streets were a refuge for many. She does not believe any child should be handed this fate. There are too many people willing to help if they had the time and resources. She believes those who can help these kids should be willing to make a commitment.

Debra worked with the "Kids Closet" organization providing clothing for one dollar a bag. For some this may be a temporary situation and we are there to help. We keep in contact with other organizations that can provide what we can not. She says that everyone deserves a chance, sometimes two, and we owe it to them to be an advocate.


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